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Be part of India's fast-growing industry by becoming a

Mutual Funds Distributor.

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Indian Mutual Fund AAUM and Penetration

> 37 lakh crore

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3.36 crore+

Unique MF Investors*

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Projected CAGR: 13.5% (Mar ’21 – Mar ’30)

100 lakh crore

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1.09 lakh+

Mutual Fund Distributors#
#Source: AMFI, Datapoints as of ‘Dec 21 *Source: AMFI, Unique MF investors as of 31st March 2022
The growth potential is massive. The time is NOW!

What does a Mutual Funds Distributor do?

In today’s day and age, Mutual Funds have become one of the most sought-after investment instruments for creating wealth.That is when you come into the picture.Mutual Fund Distributors play an important role in promoting the sale of Mutual Funds. As a Mutual Funds Distributor, you can capitalise on the ongoing mega trend of ‘Financialization of Savings’ in the country and get a chance to make a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals and their families across socio-economic spectrum.

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Educate client about the need to undertake financial planning

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Understand clients’ financial goals

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Evaluate risk Appetit

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Research and analyse investment options
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Support client with trade execution

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Regularly connect with client to share updates on the economy

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Support clients with portfolio review and rebalancing

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Undertake behavioral coaching

Becoming a Mutual Funds Distributor requires almost ZERO investment! That’s right !

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Knowledge is the key capital required

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You’ll need only the most basic infrastructure to start and operate your distribution business

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You’ll need only the most basic infrastructure to start and operate your distribution business

Cost incurred is for NISM Certification, application of AMFI Registration Number (ARN), Employee Unique Identification Number (EUIN) & basic infrastructure.

Who can become a Mutual Funds Distributor?
Individuals from all walks of life can become a
Mutual Funds Distributor.

To start your Mutual Fund Distribution (MFD) journey, you’ll have to

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Appear for the ‘NISM – Series V-A: Mutual Fund Distribution Exam’ and clear it

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Obtain ARN & EUIN from AMFI

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Empanelment with us

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Start your Distribution journey

So Can You!


Go Digital: Join Regnum Wealth an Online Platform for Mutual Fund Distributors and Get Access to Software for Free

  • Become an online mutual fund distributor with Regnum Wealth and get access to software for free. Joining an online mutual funds platform helps you go digital before your customers leave you for any other online platform!
  • Digital is the way forward, and every business person is making an online presence. From purchasing clothes, ordering food to investments, customers want everything to be digitally available. In such a situation, it is necessary for the Mutual Fund Distributors also to enhance their business techniques, use software in their distribution business and step towards the digital business.
  • Now the question is where to go? Regnum Wealth is the perfect answer to all your queries. Yes, now you can easily scale your mutual fund business with online mutual fund software for distributors, Regnum Wealth which provides easy selection of right asset allocation and model portfolio, quick online transactions, multiple payment modes and portfolio tracking.
  • Further, Regnum Wealth provides other fixed income products like Corporate Fixed Deposits, Corporate Bonds, P2P Lending, PMS, AIF. This enables a Mutual Funds Distributor to offer complete solution to their customers as well as enhance their own commission income.

Wide range of Financial Products

Regnum Digital fulfills your client’s needs under one roof by providing multiple product options to take care of all financial needs of a customer and helps a Mutual Fund Distributor to expand and grow their business by cross-selling and up-selling. The online software provided by Regnum Wealth makes the process of investment very easy and efficient.

Products we Offer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To be a Regnum Digital Partner, if you already have AMFI Registration Number (ARN), then a simple empanelment process can get you started.

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The amount to be paid depends upon two factors – Either you are an ARN Holder or Non – ARN Holder.
  • Existing ARN Holder – No charges. Absolutely Free.
  • Non – ARN Holder – Rs. 2950 charges for NISM training if the partner desires. Optimally, he can clear the NISM exam on his own and take ARN without paying these charges.

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Absolutely not! There is no renewal charge to be paid..

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After getting enrolled as the Regnum Digital Partner, one can immediately start distribution of:
  • Mutual Funds
  • Fixed Deposits
  • AIF
  • PMS
  • NPS
  • Bonds

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The services available at Regnum Wealth are free of cost, including the Partner Portal and Client Portal.

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Simply, login to  and fill out the form. Your details will be captured and you will receive a call from Team Regnum Wealth.

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There are multiple benefits available with Regnum Wealth Mutual Fund Software like:
  • All financial products through one single online platform.
  • Inbuilt Online KYC for new investors.
  • Onboard client in just 80 Seconds.
  • Competely online transaction execution
  • No Hidden charges or cost
  • Easy to access reports like portfolio report, capital gain / loss report, cash-flow report, etc
  • Tools to grow business like calculators, financial planner, model portfolio, etc
  • Engage your customers with digital content that can be shared on whatsapp and facebook

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  • 24*7 available portal
  • Dedicated relationship managers(Digital Franchise) to manage the path for success
  • Portfolio reviews and restructuring as per client’s requirements
  • Paperless experience for both distributors and clients
  • Transform offline office to virtual office

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  • Scan to Download Android/iOS app.

  • Web Login 

  • Same App for Clients.

What our Digital Partner's says about us

Pravin Patel

Stock Broker & MFD

Regnum Wealth has changed me they have educated me & facilitated investments into a totally new investment class for me, Mutual Funds.

“I heard about mutual funds but was not confident how to start. When I met Nivesh advisor I was amazed to know that I can invest through a mobile app and can track the portfolio. I have grown in my conviction about the merits of investing in MF’s and also benefited adequately over a period of time. Happy to recommend them to all those who are looking out for the opportunities and avenues to invest their money and see it grow. ”

Thomas Joseph

Thomas Xerox & Investment Service

The team was very supportive and kept me motivated

“ I started as a total newbie with virtually no coding skills. I now work as a mobile engineer for a big company. This was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. ”

Usha Mehta

Ex- Banker

Such a life-changing experience. Highly recommended!

“ Before joining the Regnum Wealth, I was a Retired Ex-banker and I've already have knowledge about Mutual Fund and other products which is already i sold to my customers while banking job.I was encouraged to enroll by one of my collegue who already joined Regnum Wealth as a Digital Partner. The entire curriculum and staff did not disappoint. They were very hands-on and I never had to wait long for assistance.Regnum Wealth have best in class Technology Platform which give me easy and hassle free process in client creatioin & other things.The best partof Regnum Digital is they're providing Real based Digital solution ”

Sewak Ram Sahu

Insurance Advisor & Tax Consultant

An overall wonderful and rewarding experience with Regnum Wealth

“ Thank you for the wonderful experience! I now have a Good Income, and make a good living while doing something I love. ”

Pratik Khatri

Tax Consultant & Insurance Advisor

Awesome teaching support from Regnum team who helped me from Bottem level to top. Getting guidance from them and learning from their experiences was easy.

“ The Team of Regnum Wealth seem genuinely concerned about my progress which I find really refreshing. The Platform gave me the confidence necessary to be able to go out in the world and present myself as a capable Financial Advisor. The standard is above the rest. You will get the personal attention you need from an incredible community of smart and amazing people. ”

Mutual Fund Commission Calculator for Distributor

Mutual Fund Commission Calculator for Distributors

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