Comprehensive Financial Planning

At Regnum Wealth Pvt. Ltd., we provide holistic financial planning advice to our clients, covering all areas of their financial lives: investment management, business planning, retirement planning, estate planning, risk management, and tax planning. Our expertise in a multitude of areas sets us apart from other financial advisors.

Outstanding, Experienced Team

Regnum Wealth Pvt. Ltd. has been doing comprehensive financial planning since 2005 . Our Director has more than 15 years of experience, He is specializing in financial planning for high-net-worth individuals and families. All our team members are bright, motivated, well-educated individuals who are equipped to provide the best possible guidance and attention to each client.

Specialized Attention for Each Client

Our focus on high-net-worth individuals and families allows us to work with fewer clients on a more personal basis. Regular communication with our clients on all aspects of their financial lives allows us to become intimately familiar with our clients’ particular needs and preferences. At Regnum Wealth Pvt. Ltd., your advisor becomes your personal chief financial offi

Team Approach

We use a coordinated team approach to our clients’ financial planning and management. We believe that by combining our diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, we devise better strategies for our clients’ financial needs than if we worked with clients independently. This is the case during both the initial planning process and our entire relationship with the client.


Working with an independent broker/dealer means that we can select any investment we need to help our clients achieve their financial goals. At most “wirehouse” firms, brokers don’t have that freedom of choice.

Proprietary Tools

Our comprehensive financial planning process, though straightforward in application, is based on rigorous analysis and unique tools. Using custom-built proprietary tools allows us to increase our understanding of our clients’ unique situations and analyze various options to help them pursue their financial goals. Using our own tools also provides us and our clients a much deeper level of understanding of the resulting analysis and illustrations than if we use the same “off the shelf” tools used by most financial planners.

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